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3 Ways Essential Oils Can Clean Your Home

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, November 01, 2016
essential oils and lavendar

Essential oils are something we may hear a lot about from time to time, but do you know how to use them? Many essential oils have several benefits, and can even be used to effectively clean your home. Useful oils for cleaning include:

  1. Lavender Oil – Lavender is often known as a calming scent that can create a warm and inviting environment. It also has antibacterial properties that can be put to use! Instead of disinfecting surfaces in your home with sprays that may have a harsh and/or unpleasant scents, let lavender oil pull double-duty for you by mixing it with water and spritzing it on surfaces that you wish to disinfect.

  2. Orange Oil – Whether you accidentally sat in it, or someone left a piece stuck somewhere they thought was hidden, remnants of chewed gum is always a frustrating problem. Orange oil can loosen up sticky situations such as these, allowing for removal of the gum from your surface.

  3. Lemon Oil – Grease can leave plenty of unwanted residue in your kitchen, from your stovetop to the oily feeling often left on dishes. Mix lemon oil with vinegar and water for a quick and safe cleaning spray that will have you de-greased in no time!

Incorporate these tips into your home at Partridge Hill Apartments for a fresh and clean space that you’ll always be glad to come back to!

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