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4 Pool Safety Tips for Summer Poolside at Partridge Hill

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, July 19, 2016
boy swimming underwater

At Partridge Hill, we encourage all of our residents to use our outdoor pool. It’s a refreshing perk! But, we also strongly encourage and recommend learning basic pool safety! The greatest reason why you should take pool safety steps seriously is to keep you and others safe.

Supervision Required

Never let small children or inexperienced swimmers, even adults, swim in the pool alone. Always closely monitor those inside the pool. Children who do not know how to swim should be no more than an arm’s length away from an adult.

Do Not Rely on Flotation Devices

Again, children who do not know how to swim should be within arm’s length of an adult. This is important to remember, as many adults have gained a false sense of confidence and security with floatation devices, such as arm floaties or swimsuits with built in floaters. Even children outfitted with lifejackets approved by the United States Coast Guard should never be left unattended.

Keep a Telephone by the Pool

A telephone should always be kept near the pool when it is in use. Cell phones are recommended, as it enables adults to answer the phone without leaving the pool area. Remember, all it takes is a few seconds for a child or inexperienced adult to slip underwater. A close by telephone can result in a quicker call for emergency services.

Learn CPR

Summer pool safety tips can help to reduce the chance of a pool accident, but you always need to be prepared for one. That is why it’s good to know or learn CPR. For a small and reasonable fee, you may be able to save the life of a loved one.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer poolside this season at Partridge Hill!

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