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How to Incorporate Your Printer into Your Home Décor

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, February 07, 2017
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Printers are an unfortunate necessity, especially if you do some work from home! They can be big, clunky, and take up more space than you’d like, especially if you have an all-in-one variety. Accept and embrace this home office essential with these tips on incorporating it into your home décor:

Customize – Try repurposing an old drawer! Simply paint the different pieces the way you’d like, add some hinges, and tuck your printer away! This is especially helpful if you don’t use your printer often, if it’s wireless, or if you have a simple printer instead of an all-in-one.

Use a Utility Cart – Roll your printer in and out of closets as needed (or store it in there, if you want) by using a utility cart on wheels.

Add a Shelf – Take advantage of the space under your desk by adding a shallow shelf to the back to store your printer on.

Color-Coordinate – If all else fails, try to work the printer into your design aesthetic! If you have a large, black all-in-one printer, for instance, place it on a shelf with other items of similar size and color. For instance, add black filing cabinets, black sliding storage drawers, or even a record player to a bookcase with your printer.

No matter what you do, have some fun with your interior design at Partridge Hill!

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