Four Ways to DIY Your Apartment for Summer

Partridge Hill - Monday, May 22, 2017
Hello summer written on tie-dye canvas

Keeping up with trends takes time, and most often, plenty of money as well. That’s why we’ve put together a list of DIY’s that will get you on your way to easily and inexpensively decorate your apartment at Partridge Hill to reflect this season’s trends.

  1. Marble Accents: It’s no secret that marbled housewares have been trending all year long. Instead of opening up your wallet to an expensive piece, have a little fun and incorporate your own marbled creations into your apartment décor! One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating marbled votives. 

  2. Edgy Materials: Apartment trends come and go as time goes by. Sometimes exposed brick walls are coveted, and other times, renters are looking for industrial, warehouse-style materials such as exposed pipes. Create a little bit of edge with this embellished planter. Bonus: you can add a little greenery with this, too!

  3. Fun Prints: Whimsical is still in style, and there’s no better way to celebrate summer than with watermelon. Create an entrance with this watermelon-stamped doormat.

  4. Watercolor: Watercolors have an ethereal look to them, making them the perfect look for blissful summer days ahead. Incorporate it into your apartment with watercolor pillows

How will you decorate your apartment at Partridge Hill this summer?

Summer Savings Made Easy

Partridge Hill - Monday, May 08, 2017
Woman shopping for a jacket

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to go without updating your wardrobe or décor for your apartment. With a little patience and insider knowledge, you can get some great items without breaking the bank. Thrift stores may seem intimidating at first, but once you know your way around the process, it’s easy, and even fun to check in and see what you can find.

The best tips for beginners include:

-          Going Often: There’s no way to predict what a store might have at any point in time. New items are put out constantly, so even if you go one day and find nothing you could ever possibly want to take, a few days later, the store might be full of items that have just been donated.

-          Know Where to Look: Every store is different. If you have an idea of a specific item that you’re looking for, try to identify the area of town that you’d find someone donating it in, and go to that store. Once you’re inside the store, be sure to look around for bins that you’ll likely see sitting around with items in them. Before items are placed on the shelves, they are priced and put out in bins. Sometimes, you can find the best deals before anyone else has even noticed them.

-          Find Out About Rewards and Benefits: Be sure to ask at the stores you frequent about coupons, rewards programs, and discount days. Some offer coupons when you donate old items of your own. Some also offer reward programs, where you may get discounts after so many times shopping there. Discount days also happen on certain days, but are rarely advertised. Ask about these, too, and your shopping trips around them!

-          Be Open-Minded: If you go in looking for something specific, you’re more likely to walk away let down. Go into thrift shopping with an open mind. You never know what you might find, and what dirty old items could turn into chic new additions to your apartment with a little bit of attention.

Ready to turn your apartment around? We’ve got just the place for you here at Partridge Hill

Three Ways to Support Your Local Community

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If you’re looking to get more involved in your community at Partridge Hill, just look to the surrounding areas! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the Capital Region that give participants the ability to gain their skills, while supporting their community. Some of our favorites are:

  1. AnimaLovers: What’s better than witnessing happy adoptions and finding cats and kittens their forever homes?! AnimaLovers is a no-kill shelter that hosts adoptions out of the PetSmart just down the road from us! Volunteers can opt to help out at adoption clinics on nights and weekends, or stop in at their leisure to check on the cats waiting at the clinic during off-hours.

  2. St. Paul’s Center: No matter what kind of work you’d like to do as a volunteer, St. Paul’s Center likely has a place for you. Some of their main volunteer opportunities involve reading to children in the shelter at night, moving donated items into a resident’s new home, cleaning, and driving residents in need to appointments.

  3. American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to join their Disaster Action Team. If a tragedy strikes the region, this team is ready to spring into action and help those in need with shelter, donations, or whatever the affected parties may need.

Are none of these options quite what you’re looking for? There are many other volunteer opportunities in the area, as well! Take a look, and welcome to the community!

Winter Getaways to Send the Season Off with a Bang

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, March 07, 2017
man skiing

As excited as we are to see spring come, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy one last getaway before winter ends! There are several options that are only a short drive from Partridge Hill, including:

West Mountain Ski Area - Whether you just want a nice place to relax, go with friends, learn to ski, or even a place to race, you can find it here! This location is conveniently located a short 40 minute drive north of Albany, and only three miles off of I-87. Come here for a getaway with family, friends, or your special someone for a fun time and great views of both the Hudson River and the Adirondacks!

Maple Ski Ridge - Located right in Schenectady, NY, Maple Ski Ridge is perfect for the whole family! Patrons of all ages can get lessons and attend events such as tubing parties and snowbox derbies in the winter months. Maple Ski Ridge also has a summer camp, as well as “Run the Ridge”, a mud, trail, and obstacle run in July! When fall comes around, they offer an annual fall festival, as well. No matter what time of year – there’s always something at Maple Ski Ridge!

Gore Mountain - If you’re ready to get into the Adirondacks, you’re going to want to go to Gore Mountain. With their ski-and-stay packages, Gore makes a great option for a weekend getaway. Even if it’s summer, you can visit Gore to take in the beauty of the Adirondacks with their year-round gondola rides.

No matter where you decide to go – or if you just make some snowmen here – be sure to get the best out of the end of winter at Partridge Hill!

Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Will Add Greenery to Your Home

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, February 21, 2017
benefits of hydroponics infographic

It’s no secret that winter can get a little dreary…so what better time to add some new life to your apartment, literally? Here are some great houseplants that can grow in a vase full of water. That’s right – you won’t even need soil!

  • Fiddle leaf figs
  • Rosemary
  • Geraniums
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Spider Plants
  • Jade
  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily

There are many more varieties to choose from, as well! All you have to do to grow these plants hydroponically is cut a section below the leaf, place the plant segment into a glass container with water, and continue to water the plant from there.

Some Things to Remember:

  • Since your plant will be getting all of its nutrients from the water, it’s crucial to use bottled spring or well water, and not tap water, which is often stripped of its nutrients.
  • Use a glass container with a thinner neck that will help support the stem of the plant.
  • Watch for signs of rooting, which you should see beginning after two weeks.
  • Add more bottled water when the water starts running low.

And that’s it! Fill your home at Partridge Hill with any of these great plants, and reap the rewards for months to come!

How to Incorporate Your Printer into Your Home Décor

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, February 07, 2017
home office in an apartment

Printers are an unfortunate necessity, especially if you do some work from home! They can be big, clunky, and take up more space than you’d like, especially if you have an all-in-one variety. Accept and embrace this home office essential with these tips on incorporating it into your home décor:

Customize – Try repurposing an old drawer! Simply paint the different pieces the way you’d like, add some hinges, and tuck your printer away! This is especially helpful if you don’t use your printer often, if it’s wireless, or if you have a simple printer instead of an all-in-one.

Use a Utility Cart – Roll your printer in and out of closets as needed (or store it in there, if you want) by using a utility cart on wheels.

Add a Shelf – Take advantage of the space under your desk by adding a shallow shelf to the back to store your printer on.

Color-Coordinate – If all else fails, try to work the printer into your design aesthetic! If you have a large, black all-in-one printer, for instance, place it on a shelf with other items of similar size and color. For instance, add black filing cabinets, black sliding storage drawers, or even a record player to a bookcase with your printer.

No matter what you do, have some fun with your interior design at Partridge Hill!

How to Incorporate the Color of 2017 Into Your Home

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Pantone Greenery a fresh yellow-green shade

Every year, Pantone selects a color the year as a symbolic measure of the global culture of the year. For the year 2017, Pantone has selected the shade “Greenery,” a fresh yellow-green shade that evokes the feeling of early spring, and represents the idea of minimalism.

Wondering how you can incorporate green into the color palette of your apartment without painting? There are many ways to get on board with the idea that Pantone is trying to get across with their selection. For example, since this shade represents minimalism and a reconnection with nature, you can even do something as small as incorporating simple air plants or succulents into your home.

If you want to go big, there are many ways to do this, as well. Add this color to your home with pillows, throws, artwork, bedding, candles and other accessories. Believe it or not, the shade “Greenery” pairs well with several different palettes. Whether you’re seeking a folksy feel, neutral, pastels, or even bold neons, there’s a way to incorporate 2017’s color. For more ideas, visit Pantone’s website.

No matter what you do, get creative, and make your home at Partridge Hill truly reflective of your own unique style!

3 Exercise Ball Moves You Can Do Right Now

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Woman using exercise ball

Wintertime means it’s cold, the weather is unpredictable, and sometimes it just doesn’t feel worthwhile to leave your home when you don’t absolutely need to. Luckily, there are effective workouts that can be done right in the comfort of your own apartment (or the fitness center at Partridge Hill)! Here are just some of the moves you can do with an exercise ball at home:

  1. Reverse Lunges: With the stability ball behind you, place the toe of your shoe on top of the ball, stand tall, and lunge with the ball rolling away from you until your leg is as straight as possible. Then, pull your body back up with your weight on your standing leg until you are back in starting position. Repeat 10-15 times, and switch legs.

  2. Ball Pass: Lie on your back with your arms and legs extended, holding the stability ball in your hands. Lifting your arms and feet simultaneously, transfer the ball to your feet, lower to within an inch of the mat, and come back up to exchange the ball back to your hands. Do 10-15 reps.

  3. Wall Squat: Stand with the exercise ball between the middle of your back and an empty wall space. With your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart, and a few inches ahead of your torso, you should be leaning slightly on the ball. Clasp your hands in front of you, and slowly lower into a squat, moving the ball down with you until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Engage your core muscles and press against the ball as you return to the standing position. Repeat 10-15 times.

That’s it! Do a few rounds of these moves (or incorporate more) to increase your core strength right at home!

If you are looking for training from a professional learn more about some local fitness centers here or check these out:
C-Suite Fitness
The Center for Nia & Yoga

Best DIY Holiday Gifts

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, December 20, 2016
close up of wrapped gift

It happens to the best of us – we procrastinated too long, and suddenly we have no perfect gift to bring our loved ones this year! Take some time over the next few days and craft up a last-minute DIY gift that will seem like you put months of thought into it. Here are some of our favorites:

DIY Cutting Boards: Who couldn’t use a nice cutting board? These etched cutting boards can be completely personalized to fit the style of the person you’re making it for. As a bonus, these can even double as an elegant serving platter for get-togethers.

Gold-Dipped Jewelry Tray: This is a great gift for virtually anyone! These trays can be personalized, and make a great catch-all for any small items you can think of!

Marquee Light: Believe it or not, homemade lighting is actually achievable! What better way than to make a cute symbol out of it? This DIY is for an ampersand marquee light, but you can take the inspiration and create any design you’d like!

Any of these gifts are great for apartment-dwellers. No matter which you choose, be sure to make one to keep in your home at Partridge Hill!

How to Protect Your Apartment Wi-Fi

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Most everyone has Wi-Fi in their homes nowadays. You’re likely to find Wi-Fi access nearly anywhere you go, and network names are available for devices looking to connect. This can become especially problematic in highly-populated spaces, such as apartment complexes. These tips can help you keep your Wi-Fi network safe:

Wi-Fi Password

  • Be careful who you give your password to. Only allow those you trust – such as close friends and relatives – your password. Once someone has it, they can connect to it anytime they’re nearby.
  • Don’t make your password easy for others to guess. Those looking for free Wi-Fi might take a stab at guessing your password, so it’s best to keep something complicated, such as a long string of random numbers and letters.

Be Alert

  • Be sure to pay close attention to how your Wi-Fi performs. If it suddenly slows down drastically for a period of time, or you start noticing a pattern of it, this may be cause for concern.

Check Your Wi-Fi

  • If you suspect someone may be using your Wi-Fi, turn off and unplug each device you use to connect. This includes phones, computers, tablets, game consoles, and streaming devices. Once your devices are disconnected, the indicator lights on your router shouldn’t be blinking. If they are, it may mean that someone outside your home is connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • Another way to check who’s logged into your Wi-Fi is by logging into your network administrative console with your IP address. Once here, you will be able to see which devices are or have connected to your Wi-Fi. You may be able to block users you do not want accessing your Wi-Fi using this method.

If all else fails, contact your internet service provider for advice if you think someone else is using your Wi-Fi. Stay safe, and enjoy living at Partridge Hill Apartments!

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