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The Benefits of Renters Insurance

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, January 05, 2016

You have probably heard people talk about the importance of homeowners insurance. It is strongly suggested because without it you may end up having to replace things out of your own pocket, rather than with help from your insurance company. For those that live in an apartment, renters insurance is available to protect your rental property. At Partridge Hill, renters insurance is required. Below are some of the benefits:

  • You Can Save Money on Replacing Your Favorite Things – What do a television, bed, video game system, and furniture all have in common? They all cost (a lot of) money. With renters insurance these items and others are covered if they’re destroyed in a catastrophic event.
  • It Provides You with Legal Protection – If an individual slips and falls in an apartment or house that you rent, you might be held legally accountable. A rental insurance policy can act as a shield if an accident happens, and potentially save you the cost of having to hire an attorney.
  • Discounts are Available – If you already have car insurance or another form of liability coverage from a major policy, you can potentially get a discount on a policy that you’re currently purchasing. You’ll be able to have more peace of mind at a discounted price!

Learn More About Specific Renters Insurance Policies 

Every renters insurance policy is different and we recommend that you read over each one carefully to figure out which one fits your needs best.

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