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Three Ways to Support Your Local Community

Partridge Hill - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If you’re looking to get more involved in your community at Partridge Hill, just look to the surrounding areas! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the Capital Region that give participants the ability to gain their skills, while supporting their community. Some of our favorites are:

  1. AnimaLovers: What’s better than witnessing happy adoptions and finding cats and kittens their forever homes?! AnimaLovers is a no-kill shelter that hosts adoptions out of the PetSmart just down the road from us! Volunteers can opt to help out at adoption clinics on nights and weekends, or stop in at their leisure to check on the cats waiting at the clinic during off-hours.

  2. St. Paul’s Center: No matter what kind of work you’d like to do as a volunteer, St. Paul’s Center likely has a place for you. Some of their main volunteer opportunities involve reading to children in the shelter at night, moving donated items into a resident’s new home, cleaning, and driving residents in need to appointments.

  3. American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to join their Disaster Action Team. If a tragedy strikes the region, this team is ready to spring into action and help those in need with shelter, donations, or whatever the affected parties may need.

Are none of these options quite what you’re looking for? There are many other volunteer opportunities in the area, as well! Take a look, and welcome to the community!

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